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Special and Confidential Closed Door Event For Preferred Clients ONLY

How to make ALL YOUR Marketing
21 Times
More Successful… Guaranteed


A One-day closed door, business
building strategic marketing event that's
full of nearly 100 real world examples, proven
ideas and highly specific ways to individually
apply my very best-performing marketing
concepts and techniques ---

Business Situation!

When your company incorporates my strategy, you’ll sit down annually to create an integrated, detailed growth plan for the year. Your plan will be broken down backward by product, by market, by marketing, by source, by type of buyer, by month, and sometimes even by week. You’ll create strategies that are ready to be invoked right away. You’ll monitor and measure the performance of each new strategy every two weeks, if not more often.

You’ll learn where to get the biggest impact. You’ll know what to do, and how to execute on your strategies and tactics. You’ll maximize the profitability of your business by replacing unrewarding activities with new concepts you can test right away.


Days go by, and not much happens. 

You spend an enormous amount of time grappling with unpleasant issues like cash flow or meeting the payroll. 

It feels like you’re hanging from a cliff by your fingernails. 

You’d like to spend time working on “upside-leverage” activities, but you aren't sure what the most intelligent steps to take
might be. 

If you have some ideas, you aren't sure where to begin or how to execute those ideas. And even if you do know, there are so many daily crises demanding your attention that it’s almost impossible to divert energy to strategic projects that could take you to the next level, extricating you from the mental state you’re trapped in. 

Profits dry up. 

Ads don’t sell. 

Prospects don’t convert. 

Margins start dropping. 

The picture is bleak.

VENUE: Rofel Hotels Moremi Street behind Tantalizer Bodija Ibadan.
DATE: Thursday Dec 5 2013. 
TIME : 10am. (please note that you must call before attending please!)


If you attend these one-of-a-kind closed door event then I’ll show you what to do first, what to do second, and what to do after that—the how to, where to, and why to, so you don’t feel as though you've been left stranded with “big-picture” ideas that don’t result in a specific plan of action.

I will show you what the common pitfalls, traps, and missteps are at that particular PROBLEM you have. More important, I’ll offer you specific solutions that you can implement today in your business so that you can achieve the enjoyable and even enviable growth that you deserve. I’ll then show you how to have a field day capitalizing on the negative environment in the business world that exists right now. I’ll show you how to implement everything you've learned.

• What to do
• How to do it
• Why, when to do it - for MAXIMUM marketing success and impact
• How to do it with MINIMUM effort, risk or expense

It's actually more powerful than a private #10,000-a day training you've ever attended.


I am purely “performance based,” and over time i had been an advocate of having a firm customer testimonial, which is a firm base for anything you do in marketing. That is why i don't need your money but i need your testimonial which comes as a result of your applying my principles to your business. Truthfully it makes me move toward my goal of becoming the only solution to your business problem, while you become more successful at what you do- a win-win situation. What do you say? Thanks for agreeing to attend.


Since this closed door event is a different type of program  then you must qualify TO ATTEND.  You must pick up your phone now and call 08032241926 to book your seat, answer a few questions then we are done. 

Provided you are a serious entrepreneur or a would-be, 
You must have a product or service to offer.

VENUE: Rofel Hotels Moremi Street behind Tantalizer Bodija Ibadan.
DATE: Thursday Dec 5 2013. 
TIME : 10am. (please note that you must call before attending please!)

What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone now and call 08032241926 to book your seat, answer a few questions then we are done. Why not tell a friend about this wonderful event, but note we can not accommodate all. +Linda Ikeji +Remi Dairo +Gbenga Sogbetun 

Monday, 19 August 2013

10 step by step guide to blogging

Starting a blog can seem overwhelming, but in truth, it's one of the simplest ways to join the online community. Follow these tips to ensure your blog is positioned for success.

1. Define Your Goals

Before you start a new blog, it's essential that you define your goals for it. Your blog has a greater chance of success if you know from the beginning what you hope to accomplish with it. Are you trying to establish yourself as an expert in your field? Are you trying to promote your business? Are you simply blogging for fun and to share your ideas and opinions? Your short and long term goals for your blog are dependent on the reason why you're starting your blog. Think ahead to what you'd like to gain from your blog in six months, one year and three years. Then design, write and market your blog to meet those goals.

2. Know Your Audience

Your blog's design and content should reflect the expectations of your audience. For example, if your intended audience is teenagers, the design and content would be quite different than a blog targeted to corporate professionals. Your audience will have inherent expectations for your blog. Don't confuse them but rather meet and exceed those expectations to gain reader loyalty.

3. Be Consistent.

Your blog is a brand. Just like popular brands such as Coke or Nike, your blog represents a specific message and image to your audience, which is your brand. Your blog's design and content should consistently communicate your blog's overall brand image and message. Being consistent allows you to meet your audience's expectations and create a secure place for them to visit again and again. That consistency will be rewarded with reader loyalty.

4. Be Persistent

A busy blog is a useful blog. Blogs that are not updated frequently are perceived by their audiences as static web pages. The usefulness of blogs comes from their timeliness. While it's important not to publish meaningless posts else you may bore your audience, it's essential that you update your blog frequently. The best way to keep readers coming back is to always have something new (and meaningful) for them to see.

5. Be Inviting

One of the most unique aspects of blogging is its social impact. Therefore, it's essential that your blog welcomes readers and invites them to join a two-way conversation. Ask your readers to leave comments by posing questions than respond to comments from your readers. Doing so will show your readers that you value them, and it will keep the conversation going. Continue the conversation by leaving comments on other blogs inviting new readers to visit your blog for more lively discussions. Your blog's success is partially dependent on your readers' loyalties to it. Make sure they understand how much you appreciate them by involving them and recognizing them through meaningful two-way conversation.

6. Be Visible

Much of your blog's success relies on your efforts outside your blog. Those efforts include finding like-minded bloggers and commenting on their blogs, participating in social bookmarking through sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon, and joining social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Blogging is not a demonstration of, "if you build it, they will come." Instead, developing a successful blog requires hard work by creating compelling content on your blog as well as working outside of your blog to promote it and develop a community around it.

7. Take Risks

Beginner bloggers are often afraid of the new blogging tools and features available to them. Don't be afraid to take risks and try new things on your blog. From adding a new plug-in to holding your first blog contest, it's important that you keep your blog fresh by implementing changes that will enhance your blog. Alternatively, don't fall prey to every new bell and whistle that becomes available for your blog. Instead, review each potential enhancement in terms of how it will help you reach your goals for your blog and how your audience will respond to it.

8. Ask for Help

Even the most experienced bloggers understand the blogosphere is an ever-changing place and no one knows everything there is to know about blogging. Most importantly, bloggers are part of a close-knit community, and the majority of bloggers understand that everyone is a beginner at some point. In fact, bloggers are some of the most approachable and helpful people you can find. Don't be afraid to reach out to fellow bloggers for help. Remember, the success of the blogosphere relies on networking, and most bloggers are always willing to expand their networks regardless of whether you're a beginner blogger or seasoned pro.

9. Keep Learning

It seems like everyday there are new tools available to bloggers. The Internet changes quickly, and the blogosphere is not an exception to that rule. As you develop your blog, take the time to research new tools and features, and keep an eye on the latest news from the blogosphere. You never know when a new tool will roll out that can make your life easier or enhance your readers' experiences on your blog.

10. Be Yourself

Remember, your blog is an extension of you and your brand, and your loyal readers will keep coming back to hear what you have to say. Inject your personality into your blog and adapt a consistent tone for your posts. Determine whether your blog and brand will be more effective with a corporate tone, a youthful tone or a snarky tone. Then stay consistent with that tone in all your blog communications. People don't read blogs simply to get the news. They could read a newspaper for news reports. Instead, people read blogs to get bloggers' opinions on the news, the world, life and more. Don't blog like a reporter. Blog like you're having a conversation with each of your readers. Blog from your heart.
as published on www.about.com Written by Susan Gunelius

Saturday, 17 August 2013


Money is an illusion, it is not what you think it is, so for you to make money, you have to be ready to offer something of value to people. Ask yourself, what value do i have. Do i love to watch football? How do i make my football fanatics to gain interest. Money is an outward representation of someone's idea. Offer something of value today and somebody will give you money for it.